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Sirius - Abstract Painting
Sirius - Abstract Painting

Sirius - Abstract Painting

Description: Abstract paintings 

Dimensions:  120 cm x 80 cm 

Painting technique: Hand painted - Acrylic on canvas

Stretcher bars: Wooden bars - Thickness 3 cm

Delivery: Stretched & framed - Ready and easy to hang

  • 120 cm x 80 cm
  • 140 cm x 90 cm
  • 160 cm x 90 cm
  • 200 cm x 100 cm
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Imagine yourself in front of an abstract painting that captures your attention from the first glance. Your attention is immediately drawn to the geometric shapes that follow each other harmoniously and precisely along the entire surface of the painting.

The predominant colors are brown, beige, blue, and orange, expertly combined with each other to create an effect of depth and movement that almost makes you feel immersed in an alternate dimension.

The brown shapes seem to represent the earth element, while the beige ones recall sand and rock. Blue, on the other hand, seems to evoke the water element, while orange could represent fire or energy.

The combination of these shapes and colors creates a hypnotic atmosphere that transports you to a fantastic world where the rules of reality are subverted and anything is possible. Observing the painting, you can let go of your mind and let yourself be carried away by the sensations it evokes, experiencing a unique and unforgettable aesthetic experience.

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