What better than drawing, colors, and art in general can help a child express their creative side?

We all know that art is made of emotions and sensations, and directed towards children, it undoubtedly helps to stimulate creativity and encourages a different way of observing the world. It helps to express those emotions that could hardly be conveyed in words.

Whether with colored fingers, crayons, or brushes, give a child an object to color and he or she will draw their own world; artistic skills and abilities really don't matter in this case. One can be more or less skilled, but what counts is freeing the mind, transmitting creativity, and transferring emotions into a drawing, a painting, or simply into a mix of colors.

From these simple but important premises, the project "I bambini che creano" (Children who create) was born, which for the second consecutive year involves children between the ages of 5 and 9, invading in the true sense of the word the long drawing tables of our art laboratory. An entire afternoon dedicated to them. Colors, hands covered in paint, drawings, modeling clay, and much more...and here are the results.

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